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Personal Loan

Personal loans are an unsecured type of loans that is famous to meet prompt necessities. It is multi-reason in nature and subsequently can be utilized for different purposes including wedding, home redesign, travel purposes and that’s just the beginning. In addition, there is no limitation for the sum acquired and can be utilized for any reason they need. Truth be told, a personal loan can help you fabricate your acknowledgment quicker when looked at for different types of credit. This is a direct result of the risk it conveys due to being unsecured. All things considered, an individual advance can balance any brief monetary emergency.

Brief Look

Loan Amount

75 K – 25 Lakhs

Loan Tenure

1 – 6 Years

Interest Rate

Starts from 10.49%

Reasons for Personal Loan

Wedding Loan

Wedding celebrations are extremely expensive in India, and many people do not want their marriages to be a simple affair. Because they want this sweet memory for life long, so there is no compromise of expenses in any term and moreover, marriage function is a long list of expenses and cannot be predicted, to meet all these circumstances one can go for a wedding personal loan to keep the marriage memorable.

Home Renovation Loan

When you have your own house and looking old, definitely you think to renovate it, but house renovating is somewhat expensive, this is the time you can go for a personal loan to fulfil your home renovating dream. From redesigning your kitchen to making your home an ideal blend of solace and sturdiness, a personal loan for the home remodel can be the best option.

Travel Loan

Travel loan for especially for holiday lovers, on holiday vacations they can tour around the world with family and pay bills with travel personal loan, along with personal loan one will get insurance to protect in all the way.

Medical Loan

A medical loan is for medical expenses, in case of a medical emergency and there is no insurance, certainly, this type of loan comes for help. With this loan, all bills of the hospital can be cleared without any kind of worries.

Benefits of personal loan

No collateral required

Minimal Documents

One of the advantages related to a personal loan is that it is an unsecured one. This implies you don’t have to promise or pledge anything for your loan as a guarantee. In spite of the fact that this can be an explanation behind your financing cost, you can get a low-interest personal loan adequately in case you meet the capability necessities.

As a result of digitalization, there is no much paperwork involved in the personal loan process, so the processing time required for a Personal Loan is less. You can get a personal loan with a few documents.

Easy Approval

Multipurpose Usage

In addition to the easy application process of a personal loan, it does not take much time for loan approval. That is why personal loans are the best to meet immediate financial needs.

A personal loan is multipurpose in nature it can be utilized for anything. Unlike many other loans, there are no strict restrictions on the usage of a personal loan. The most useful advantage of a personal loan is multipurpose usage.

The Eligibility Criteria and Documents required for Personal Loan

Eligibility Criteria for Salaried



Must be an Indian 


 21 – 60 Years

Monthly Income




Minimum 1 Year with current employer

Documents Required for Salaried
Eligibility Criteria for Professional self Employed
Documents Required for Professional self Employed



Must be an Indian


 22 – 65 Years

Annual Income

Minimum ₹2,00,000/-

Business Vintage

Minimum 2 Years